Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's 'Crash' Jennifer's Party!

By Kimberly Cianciolo.

On February 3, Governor Granholm will present her eighth State of the State Address to Lansing lawmakers. Every year, the State of the State Address is a mini-holiday for Lansing´s government class. I´ve been to six State of the State Addresses as a former state lawmaker, so I know the routine: there are fancy receptions prior to the Governor´s speech featuring rich hors d´oeuvres and premium bars. Politicians dress in their finest clothes and bring their families and friends to the Capitol to attend the parties. Every state representative gets to bring a special guest - usually a big financial donor - to sit next to them in the House chamber during the governor´s speech.

It is all very nice. You are not invited. You see, the State of the State Address
isn´t about you or your family. Much of the Governor´s speech is about the government´s budget, not YOUR budget.

When Governor Granholm talks about helping the economy, she means giving special tax breaks and subsidies to politically connected and politically-correct companies while raising taxes on every family and business that doesn´t have a solar-powered windmill and a healthy lobbying fund.

But what would happen if Michigan´s citizens decided that the State of the State should be about them - THE PEOPLE-and not about the government ruling elite-class? What would happen if hundreds-maybe thousands-of people drove to Lansing that evening and protested outside the Capitol Building? Let´s find out! Let´s seize the day of February 3rd away from Governor Granholm and the political class in Lansing. PS: The protest starts in front of the Capitol Building at 6:30PM and the ´State of the Citizen Address´ starts promptly at 7:00PM. Go to www.makelansinglisten.com for more information. For the full text of the letter from Leon Drolet please access this page: http://www.mitaxpayers.org/seize_the_day.html

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