Thursday, February 4, 2010

Common Sense in Government Rally at Michigan Capitol

by Mark Baker

Braving fridgid temperatures, hundreds of concerned Michigan citizens joined together at the State Capitol to listen to a long list of speakers share information and ideas to counter the direction Michigan's been taken under the Granholm administration.

Approximately 50-75 radical leftists attempted to drown-out the 'Common Sense in Government' speakers. Marx & Lennon would have loved these "useful idiots," who were extremely rude, profane and at times utiilized physical intimidation tactics against the CSD/Tea Party demonstrators.

Common Sense in Government President, Wendy Day relates that the "student" protesters were from the Workers World United and/or By Any Means Necessary. Both of these are radical leftist groups that were working right out of the Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' play book; they boo'ed the National Anthem and shouted through the pledge and prayer, as well as pushed and attempted to intimidate CSIG/Tea Party Rallyists, until the State Police interveined and moved them away from the main group (see the three related blog-reports I have posted herein on Alinsky and his connection to Obama).

I encourage Constitional Conservatives and real Republicans to attend these events in the future to show our representatives that we're fed-up with 'business as usual' and demand a return to fiscal responsibility and Common Sense In Govenment.

Mark's Notes: For more information on 'Common Sense in Government,' visit them on the web at: or Twitter:

or, you can e-mail CSG President, Wendy J. Day at:

Also be sure to check out the Mackinac Center's 'Capitol Confidential' video at the top of my Conservative Links List. Best video I've yet to see from last night.

Press On, Mark

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