Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why defend insanity?

by Mark Baker

Nine year old Christina Green is no longer with us. Stolen from her parents. It took her violent, untimely murder before we knew her and the wonderful little child she was. She came into this world on the most tumultious day in modern American history, September 11th, 2001, and she was taken from her family and us, on what is now yet another sad day in American History when an angry, hedonistic, young man decided to kill innocents as the enemy has always (and will continue to) hungered for. Let us also not forget that five other innocent people were killed by Laughner as well that day.

Now that the dust as settled a bit on the darkness that is Jared Laughner, it would serve us well to consider how far the news-cycle pendulem has swung as to 'who' this monster is and 'why' he did what he did, or what caused him to become the murderer he became? I, like many of you wasn't surprised that the media attempted to establish Laughner as a 'Right Wing Extremist.' Interesting then, that as the dust started to settle and the facts surfaced, that quite to the contrary, Laughner was instead established athiestic, angst-ridden leftist who may or may-not suffer from one or more forms of mental illness. While the socialist left at first attempted to assign Jared to "the far right" or as some manifestation of the TEA Party, so too now has the right begun to try to occupy the high-ground as again, the FACTS began to appear that I figured would substantiate that he had nothing to do with the TEA Party or Constitutionalists for that matter, but rather that he was simply what he is. The bottom line for me isn't to point blame at anyone or anything beyond Jared Laughner himself; a society that views personal responsibility as passe or unapplicable, is a society in severe decline.

Like many of you, I've watched and listened to some on the left decry those who call for the timely execution of Laughner. They view our viewpoint as barbaric and bend over backwards to attempt to offer excuses for his actions. Here's a reaction typical of the left, that aggressively attempts to assign blame for Laughner's actions to everyone and everything but the person who pulled the trigger and ended innocent lives, Laughner himself:

I don't blame liberal Pima County Sheriff Dipnik for failing to act on several apperent red-flags that Laughner's past frightening statements and actions had raised. Anyone familar with the nature of American Law Enforcement understands that a Free Society religates law enforcement to largely 're-active' in nature, however I didn't appreciate Dipnik's attempt to politically exploit the situation either.

As is always the case in these situations, the socialist left will attempt to use tragedy to further irrode our freedoms (although the foundations for their typical arguments are falling apart quicker then usual in this case), so we must not allow ourselves to get side-tracked by their hysteria, but rather remain focused on the task we've all set our hands and will to, that being to re-establish our Constitutional Republic by educating others about our Constitution and unique American history.

Sad that little Christina Green now will never have the chance to finish living her childhood and the chance to grow-up in the country we grew-up in. To Christina and those who were murdered with her, Rest In Peace. To Jared Laughner, seek forgiveness from our Lord & Savior for you're short upon this earth and your eternity will be spent forever in one of two very different places...