Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Constitutionalist Spotlight: Gene Taliercio

Gene Taliercio for Michigan's 12th District Senate Seat

I recently announced my campaign for the Michigan State Senate seat as a Republican in the 12th District. Michigan’s economy has been irrevocably altered in fundamental ways over the last decade. Some characterize our state as an economic, social and political landscape in crisis just short of an industrial graveyard. In truth Michigan is a vast canvas of opportunity on which a new economy will recapture the productivity, prosperity and prestige of Michigan as the economic engine that powered the world over the last century.

A catch phrase that has caught on recently is “Fix Michigan.” My campaign focus is – Michigan isn’t broken! Have its resources and assets been mismanaged and marginalized? – Yes. Is it suffering from the excesses of big government fiscal abuse? – Yes. But Michigan isn’t broken. It has been denied visionary and energetic Leadership. Leadership committed to guaranteeing every business sector and every community the tools and support required to do what they do best – commanding the market place by creating jobs, providing goods, services and products.

Being a family member of a three generation small independent business, I have built and sustained our company, celebrating our successes and overcoming difficult times by finding workable solutions. Today, not unlike many of my business associates and competitors alike we are managing our operations for survival – not growth. Each of us throughout the business community know what works and the issues facing Michigan will not be resolved by more legislation of questionable value, intrusive policy initiatives, regulatory mandates or confiscatory tax structures.

In coming weeks, I will be meeting with business and industry leadership in District 12 and elsewhere as well as other conservative candidates across the state to form a coalition dedicated to the common principals and values we know to be successful in the private sector. Our purpose is that as in business and industry throughout the state, the business of governance and governing the State of Michigan has to be First Class Business conducted in a First Class Way. I will also be presenting a comprehensive plan for stabilizing existing businesses, stimulating existing businesses in need and promoting sustainability in our economy recapturing the prosperity of Michigan.

In recent weeks, Michigan legislators have proposed a variety of budget cuts for the fiscal year 2011. However, the benefit packages with which legislators continue to provide themselves remain detrimental to our state budget.

Recently, the Detroit Free Press reported, “Lawmakers agree they should eliminate generous state health insurance for legislators who have served as few as six years, but they disagree whether the ban should apply to them or only future lawmakers.” Simply put, they don’t mind cutting future legislators’ benefits, as long as the cuts don’t affect their own pocketbooks.

During the short period in which I have been campaigning to be your next State Senator, I have discovered a number of shocking, yet little known, facts about our public servants. For example:

Did you know: State legislators receive compensation of $80,000 per year in addition to a $1,000 monthly expense allowance. Michigan legislators are amongst the highest paid in the nation.

Did you know: State legislators work merely three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

Did you know: After serving only six years in the state legislature, legislators are entitled to receive a lifetime healthcare and pension plan.

Fellow Michiganders, I will put it bluntly: Lansing is financially broke. If our state government was a business, it would be in receivership. The Capitol Building’s furniture would be on the front lawn waiting to be auctioned off.

As a candidate for the Michigan State Senate, I pledge to voluntarily give up my lifetime pension and healthcare benefits. I also support a 10% pay reduction for all Michigan legislators. Leadership starts with one’s own actions. Lucrative life time legislator entitlements need to go!

Meeting the goals we have set for this campaign and my service to you as your State Senator in the 12th District I will not be allowed the latitude of timid acts or the hollow grand gestures of past legislatures. My campaign is grounded on service to those whom I will represent; it is a commitment I take seriously. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the near future and urge you to contact my campaign office at (248) 844-9700 with any suggestions.


Gene Taliercio
Candidate for State Senate, 12th District

Mark's Notes: This is my first in an ongoing series of 'Constitutionalist Conservative' Spotlight Posts. In talking with Mr. Taliercio, I've been very impressed with his sincere dedication to seeing a restoration of our Constitutional Republic with adherence to fiscal responsibility and smaller government.

In my opinion, Gene is one of a new breed of office-seeker, a Contrarian,' and someone who is truly 'One of Us.' A businessman, who understands what it takes to meet a payroll and make tough decisions to insure his business operates in the black. Gene displays great selfless leadership, integrity and quite frankly, guts, in being willing to expose the dirty truths about Michigan's inflated legislative pay and benefit structure. Such 'contrarianism' is quite rare today and indicative of a Statesman rather than typical Political hack.

Although I won't always make an indorsement before the Primary, I am comfortable in standing behind Gene Taliercio for 12th District Senator.

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