Monday, April 12, 2010

'Unilateral Capitulation': Tini Tyrants We Love To Suffer.

by, Mark Baker

In response to a thread I'd posted a while back concerning yet another dumb statement by Obama, a young staffer of a candidate I'm supporting (who we'll refer to as 'Herb' for the sake of annonymity), posted two simple words to convey his disgust with Obama: "Unilateral Capitulation!"

'Wow,' I chuckled to myself, those are a couple big, powerful words, however I thought such grand statement might be better reserved for something REALLY big in life. Thus I responded with this: Herb, one day, you'll find yourself sitting at a messy, food-splattered table facing a little mini Herb, or Herb'ette (chuck-full of God-Given Autonomy); using 'intangable skills' that you could have never attained in college, you will, through long-suffering patience overcome the stubborn definance of that little package of dynamic will-power, and watch them chew and swallow their first green bean. WHEN that day comes, I hope you'll remember this prediction by me, smile, and exclaim: "Unilateral Capitulation Achieved!"

'LIFE' Herb, you'll find, will present you with many joys and sorrows, rewards and regrets. But when your kid eats their first Green Bean, or Rides their first bike 50 feet without falling over... Those are among the sweetest of moments!

If you doubt the validity of my prediction, share this with any 'Dad' and see if he doesn't break out in laughter because I'll GUARENTEE you that he too has sat at that same messy table, patiently confronting that same little automotonic force.

Notes: That cute little bundle above is my 2nd born-son James Russell Baker; I can assure you that he was just as precocious and stubborn as he was cute. Today, he's a strapping 23 year old and I'm not sure how he feels about eating Green Beans as an adult? lol

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