Monday, April 12, 2010

Take Heart in the Strength of the Growing Family of Freedom.

by Mark Baker

As I tried to 'catch-up' on FaceBook the other night, a reality slapped my face. Read these threads ladies and gentleman and TAKE HEART. Pause to consider for a moment the nature of our united passion... FREEDOM.

Now realize that we, on these threads, are but a microcosm of a much larger body of like-minded, freedom-loving, Constitutionalists, all of which are finding each other incrementally. We ARE far larger in number than are our enemy. We need to cognate on these facts and draw upon each others strength and the synergy of the ever-expanding family we find ourselves.

Just as the 'Bully' from our childhoods' always seemed bigger than they really were, and light-bulbs tend to burn brightest right before they burn out, as do stars before their super-nova wherein they collapse in upon themselves, leaving a black hole. So too is the natural end of tyrants. The only variable in these events, is the amount of damage they're allowed to wrought in relation to the in-action of their opposition. Those being in this case, we, the children of FREEDOM.

I attended an event last week where I listened to several of our fellow brothers and sisters of freedom, black, white and Hispanic, share their passion and dedication to the work ahead of us. I smile now as I write, and I'll sleep at ease tonight, because I'm surrounded by millions just like me; who are girded with Wisdom in their Mind, Freedom in their Heart, the Constitution in one hand and the Means to Defend all three in the other. Many battles lay ahead, but in the end Victory Shall Be to those who Breath Free.

Press On!

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