Saturday, March 27, 2010


by Mark D. Baker

A dangerous bill has sponsored by 12th District Democrat Representative, Rashida Tlaib. Her Bill, HB 5952, can't be mistaken as anything but another internal attack on Michigan as it, if passed, will effectively de-criminalize two Felony Categories in Michigan law.

If 'We the People' take action, with the help of concerned, dedicated elected representatives, such as Rick Jones here, we can STOP this Bill and other such attacks on our Great State. Call me simple, but the Air Force taught me that when one encounters a dangerous snake, the most efficient thing to do is kill it, not dance with it. Let's get behind Rick to help him Kill this Snake of a Bill.

Again, the Bill in question is Tlaib's HOUSE BILL 5952 which she formally introduced on March 12 this month. 5952 is an example of 'an act against the state,' in that the crux of the proposed measure ultimately calls for a language-change to Michigan's Worker’s Disability Compensation Act of 1969, which for 41 years since it was made law, states:

'Michigan employers are required to pay injured employees roughly 80 percent of their normal wages for a specified period — UNLESS THE EMPLOYEE CANNOT WORK BECAUSE OF IMPRISONMENT OR COMMISSION OF A CRIME.'

Talib wants to amend the act to specify that “commission of a crime” does not include “alien’s working without employment authorization or an alien’s use of false documents.”

READ CLOSELY the degree to which she slickly attempts to twist and manipulate the common langauge: 1969 Law: '...because of imprisonment or commission of a crime,' into Talib's: "aliens" (people here as illegal tress passers), "working without EMPLOYMENT-AUTHORIZATION (Oops, you lack the necessary Green Card, or Work Visa that LEGAL IMMIGRANTS {who respect and abide-by the LAW} OBTAIN through our standing Immigration Process), or an "aliens" (here again, in actuality a Criminal Trespasser) "use of false documents" (eg. FORGED CRIMINAL PAPERWORK).

So in summation, Ms. Representative Tlaib's Bill seeks to decriminalize two felony crimes -Felony Trespass, and Felony Fraud- AND actually REWARD these felons 80% of their wages should they get injured at work!

Concerned Citizens can track this steaming pile of legislation here:

I also encourage you all to call Representative Tlaib's office (yes, the one WE'RE paying for) at: 313-297-8800 and share your desire for her to withdraw her 'Felony Forgiveness Bill' immediately.

Lastly, if you'd like to learn more about Rashida Tlaib, you can here:

Final Note: Contact your State Representative and Senator and let them know that you want them to alert their fellow constitutents about this odious bill and have them call Tlaib's office to voice their feelings.

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