Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts on the Scott Brown Senate Victory: Where we go from here...

We were just given a gift; an opportunity to get some traction against the dangerous slide towards tyranny that we are still on. While this victory is indeed sweet, we cannot return to complacency (which IS a conservative weakness). Nor should we gloat (this is but one battle we've won) because the war continues. We can never allow ourselves to return to a state of ambivalence, taking our Constitutional Republic for granted. Non-vigilance and indifference are no longer acceptable options if we love the country we grew-up in and want to see our children and grandchildren have any hope of enjoying the same freedoms and blessings we've enjoyed.

If the Obama administration has taught us nothing else, it's been that they, the American Left, are dedicated to ACTIVELY changing America into a socialist country. They are passionate, organized and ruthlessly focused to do anything necessary to reach that end. Therefor we MUST commit to ACTIVELY defending and re-establishing our Constitutional Republic. It will require that we all do our part and get out of our comfort zone to do so. But IF we are willing to stop to consider our children -go now and look upon them as they safely sleep (if they're still young and home with you), or pause to think of them wherever they may be if grown (especially those who are deployed far away defending us at home), our love for them and what kind of future we want for them, this work will no longer feel at all as a burden to us, but rather a responsibility and honor. It may perhaps be our generation's (1946-1964) opportunity to do something noble, worthy and lasting.

"One must never allow disorder to continue so as to escape a war. One does not escape; the war is mearly postponed to ones disadvantage."

-Machiavelli, 1514.

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