Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Real Reason Democrat Women Hate Sarah Palin (and what was going-on behind the photos)

by Mark Baker

Democrat women hate Sarah due to the fact that given a choice, Democrat Men would overwhelmingly prefer to have sex with Sarah over any of them...

Regarding the picture collage above, here's the story behind each:

1. Barbara Strisand- Wiaiting for her pet condor to land on her nose.

2. Helen Thomas- "What are you looking at?, LBJ actually chased me around the Ovel Office buck-naked back in '64;"

3. Hillary Clinton- "OMG, I just crapped my best Pant Suit!"

4.Teresa Kerry- Just caught John 'touching himself' again after claiming he couldn't because he had a headache.

5. Maddy Albright (on phone)- "No, the damn hair-plugs DIDN'T TAKE and I demand my money back!"

6. Janet Reno (thinking to herself)- "FIRE BAD!" (wanna nibble-on those ear-lobes fellas? NOT!)

7. Anderia Dworkin- With a name like 'DWORKIN' she must be good!... No, wait, that's SMUCKER'S, never mind.

8. Nancy Polisi- "Ok Doctor, exactly how long will the Botox freeze my face like this?"

9. Susan Estritch- Poparazzi snapped this picture when he interupted her canabalizing her paperboy.

Life's too serious, we need to have a little fun with the left from time to time; heck, gotta admit, they're damn funny to look at!

Press On,


  1. Whaaaaaat?!?!?! Janet Reno is a girl? All this time I thought she was a guy with a girl's name. You know, like the songs A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash) or Lady Looks Like A Dude (Aerosmith). I bet Will Ferrell feels silly now. He thought he was spoofing a guy.

  2. Lovely Commentary. And I have to admit funny! Beauty is skin deep and ugliness goes to the bone. Unfortunately, for Sarah, beauty and a good heart she may have, but the lady has a box of rocks for brains.

    Thank you for the giggle.

    Susan O
    Emmaus, Pa.