Thursday, January 7, 2010

God Bless Mr. Harold B. Estes, US Navy (ret).

God Bless Mr. Harold B. Estes, US Navy Veteran who celebrated his 95th Birthday December 15th and sent our confused president a letter suggesting he shape-up or ship-out! See link below via where I checked it's validity. If it causes your heart joy and brings a smile to your face as it did mine, please take time to re-post it or otherwise forward it to your networks.

It's unfortunate that a great common-man veteran such as Harold B. Estes isn't occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue instead of the snotty-assed socialist who NEVER SERVED his nation nor held a real job (don't get me started). Anyway, check this link and enjoy the smile that comes across your face and the warmth in your heart as you read Mr. Estes' 'schooling' of our socialist president:

Press On,


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