Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shouldn't Law-Maker Candidates Obey the Law Themselves?

by Mark Baker

Something unique happened yesterday in that I received an anonymous letter in the mail that had no return address, or sender information. Inside I found a five-page document that was titled: "Current Law-Maker Supporting Possible Law-Breaker?" The info in question deals with Cheryl Krapf-Haddock, one of the Republican candidates for Michigan's 71st State House Seat along with Laurie Raines, Deb Shaugnessy and Brett Slocum.

The crux of the information sent to me states that Ms. Haddock, as Executive Director of the 'Child Abuse Prevention Council of Eaton County,' appears to be in violation of the US Code, Tax Laws and the 'Hatch Act,' regarding section 501(c) 3, tax-exempt, non-profit agencies such as the one she runs. Following is the contents of the letter I received:

"Current Law-Maker Supporting Possible Law-Breaker?"

Is Cheryl Krapf-Haddock breaking the law? Is State Representative Rick Jones' reputation at stake by supporting her? Cheryl Krapf-Haddock has repeatedly used her charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization's position as "Executive Director" to promote herself for a partisan political campaign, which appears to violate current laws.

According to the US Code, Tax Laws AND The Hatch Act, 501(c)3, tax-exempt, non-profit community action agencies like the 'The Child Abuse Prevention Council of Eaton County,' which Krapf-Haddock heads up are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from supporting, engaging-in, or allowing staff to participate-in PARTISAN political elections. Violations for breaking these laws can be quite serious. Non-Profit, tax-exempt, organization's staff and members, particularly 'Executive Directors, CAN NOT use their position or title to affect the outcome of any partisan election or raise money for a partisan candidate's campaign.

Cheryl Krapf-Haddock identifies herself to media sources, in local newspapers and in her political campaign materials as "The Executive Director for the 'Child Abuse Prevention Council'" a non-profit 501(c)3. Krapf-Haddock has made it very clear to the general public that she is running as a "Republican" for a partisan office while actively employed and paid by this publicly-funded, tax-exempt, community action agency. According to the law, that may very well be a violation:

United States Code, Title 42, Chapter 66, Sub-chapter IV, Section 5043:
"...(b) Prohibition on program identification. (1) Programs assisted under this chapter shall not be carried-on in a manner involving the use of funds, the provision of services, or the employment or assignment of personnel in a manner supporting or resulting-in the identification of such programs with-
(A) any partisan or non-partisan political activity associated with a candidate, or a contending faction or group, in an election for public or party office:..."

Also, under the IRS Tax Code, it is clear that 501(c)3's cannot engage-in or support partisan politicians or be used to influence the outcome of an election, as appears to be going on with this candidate flagrantly using their job title and the organization's name throughout her campaign. IRS Penalties may include "revocation of tax-exempt status" and possible criminal penalties for the organization and/or those involved.

According to Anita Lichtblau, Esq., CAPLAW's Update, "For those of you new to the world of Community Action and 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations, as well as those with many years in the field, keeping track of the rules relating to election and campaign activity is never easy. But understanding them is nonetheless is critical... Here's a list of Do's and Don'ts to steer you through the rules: Don't run for office in a partisan election if you are an Executive Director of a CAA taking a leave of absence doesn't solve the problem; the candidate must resign from his or her position... Do not speak on behalf of the CAA, or use the name of the CAA when supporting or opposing any candidate..." Krapf-Haddock HAS NOT resigned from her Executive Director position, continues to use her non-profit title and cites her active involvement in this organization, repeatedly for partisan campaign purposes to promote herself. Krapf-Haddock has actively sought and received the support of a current law-maker in the midst of this situation, both ignoring te law.

The 'Hatch Act' does cover 501(c)3 public non-profits. In such cases, according to Eleanor A Evans, Esq., found at: "What does the Hatch Act Prohibit? Being a candidate for public office in a partisan election; Using official authority or influence to interfere with, or affect results of an election or nomination for office. If the offense/s are serious enough to warrant dismissal from employment, employer must either: Dismiss employee; or forfeit its federal funding in an amount equal to two years of the employees salary.

The Hatch Act has been enforced against two such organizations in recent years, in one case a county outreach coordinator ran for county legislator and despite warnings, continued their candidacy and faced the consequences. 501(c)3's are already prohibited by tax code from engaging in political activity in support-of or in opposition-to a candidate for office, 26 U.S.C. 501(c)3...Federal and State Election Laws impose additional rules on campaign activities of individuals..."

According to IRS Regulations: "To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)3. In addition, it may not be an action organization; may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates."

In another section of the IRS Code under "Political Activity": If any of the activities (whether or not substantial) of your organization consist of participating-in, or intervening-in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition-to) any candidate for public office, your organization will not qualify for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)3. Such participation or intervention includes the publishing or distribution-of statements. Whether your organization is participating or intervening, directly, or indirectly, in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition-to) any candidate for public office depends upon all the facts and circumstances of each case.

The law is clear, Haddock's campaign materials are clear and so is her support by a current lawmaker. Who's breaking the law and jeopardizing this community organization's future to run as a 'Law-Maker?'

Having served as an officer of two area non-profit organizations myself, I am well aware of the very tight line they must adhere to regarding non-partisanship and political campaigns. We always insured that we were beyond reproach in these areas. I am not an attorney, and do not claim to have any expertise in this area, but given the apparent clear-cut nature of the documentation I was sent, I would hope that this could be looked at by a legal expert to determine if violations have indeed occurred within the Krapf-Haddock Camp.

Many Eaton County Republicans, especially those who have been active in the County Republican Party, have been collectively scratching their heads as to why Rick was so eager to back Haddock early-on, appearing prominently in her mailers, and placing her signs with his? Of course, when questioned Rick was always quick to state that he 'wasn't going to make ANY candidate endorsements for the 71st House Seat before the Primary. Well, that statement proved to be as trustworthy as a promissory note from a crack-dealer as Rick last week formally endorsed: DRUM ROLL.... Cheryl Krapf Haddock! That was about as big a shocker as learning that 'Bears actually do crap in the woods.'

Who knows why Rick Jones championed Cheryl Haddock's campaign, my thoughts, for what they're worth, are that Rick wished to have a 'rubber-stamp' in his old seat as he goes to the Senate, but I could be wrong; maybe he just simply wanted to irritate and confound the Eaton County GOP, as well as thousands of Eaton County Republican Constituents (you know, the people he's supposed to be working for instead of Special Interests)? Why else would this man turn his back on a women who had dedicated many years of her professional life to him, both when he was with the Eaton County Sheriff's Department, as well as the last few years as his Constituent Services Aide? A women who dug-in like an Alabama Tic on issues and concerns of the constituents of the 71st District; a women who he knows full WILL NOT compromise on ethical issues, nor 'play along' with the numerous games that are played behind closed doors in Lansing; a women who as the 'Homeland Security Grant Coordinator within the Michigan State Police, uncovered numerous funding violations and gross misappropriation of Federal Monies, and refused to knuckle-under to threats by those who were behind these acts.

This women is Laurie Raines, a dedicated mother of three and wife of Eaton County Sheriff Mike Raines, and a lady I've known since High School. Laurie is a true Constitutionalist Conservative who is a REAL 2nd Amendment Advocate, whose had a concealed-carry permit for over 20 years (and can outshoot many men), been an ACTIVE GOP member and officer and isn't ashamed to proudly state she's behind the TEA Party Movement to take-back our government and restore our Constitutional Republic. Rick Jones knows full well that Laurie Raines is by far, the most qualified, dedicated, uncompromising and educated candidate who has absolutely established beyond any doubt that she will not 'go along to get along' with the Lansing 'Play-Makers.' And I believe that it's for these reasons, Rick Jones fears Laurie Raines taking his old House Seat, because she knows him better than anybody else and he knows she will not partake in 'Business-As-Usual.'

Given the fact that Rick Jones has publicly endorsed Haddock and is a 'Lawmaker' himself, perhaps he should take the lead in looking into this and act accordingly. As our parents used to teach us: "It's NEVER too late to do the right thing." Cheryl Haddock should immediately withdraw from the race and take the steps necessary to save her 501(c)3 organization, and Rick Jones should endorse the candidate he knows full well is the best qualified to represent the people of the
71st District: Laurie Raines.

'We the People' are watching Mr. Jones...


  1. Mr. Baker;

    I realize that you are helping run and are supporting the campaign of Lorie Raynes and clearly your emotions are very high. I periodically read your blog and thought we were of the same values and beliefs. I was mistaken! I am disappointed that you and Ms. Raynes are resorting to this kind of misleading and hopelessly uninformed attack on Ms. Kraph Haddock, Rep. Jones and the Eaton Child Abuse Neglect Council.

    Here is correct information for you and I’m doing you a favor by correcting Ms. Raynes and your misrepresentation in order to attack a nice lady and an important organization. Shame on both Ms. Raynes and you!

    In doing some basic checking I found out that the Eaton Child Abuse Council is not part of any government and is not funded by federal funds as such either. FYI……”The Hatch Act applies to employees of private non-profit organizations only if the statute through which the organization derives its federal funding contains a provision, which states that recipient organizations shall be deemed to be state or local government agencies for purposes of the Hatch Act.”

    Furthermore: If you are a government employee, you can participate in electoral politics. You can legally involve yourself in many, or all, types of electoral politics depending on the government agency for which you work.

    "Most federal employees may take an active part in partisan political management and partisan political campaigns." Office of Special Counsel, United States Government, Political Activity and the Federal Employee.

    Many government employees are incorrectly told that they cannot engage in any political activity at, or outside, the workplace because of the Hatch Act. Also, some state employees that work on federal programs may have restrictions because of the Federal Hatch Act, but this is rather unusual. Occasionally, employees of non-profits also fall under the Hatch Act if they are set up and funded by the government, but most non-profits face no such restrictions.

    If Ms. Kraph Haddock is the person she has claimed to be, and if she truly has “integrity” as she and Rep. Jones state, then I hope for your sake she doesn’t see this and contact an attorney for your libelious slander!

  2. Mr. Mark Baker- This represents my opinion and the facts I was able to research and verify. I am confused about the nasty and spiteful attacks on Representative Jones, Cheryl Haddock and the Child Abuse Council that Cheryl works for, made by yourself and Mrs. Raiones.

    Laurie Raines and yourself are running her campaign and to see malicious garbage like the above, as well as on Facebook at least twice this past weekend,for yourself and Laurie Raines, is unbelievable. You are both what is wrong with "politics as usual."

    Cheryl Haddock has not represented her employer as supporting this election in any way, at least according to her website, her numerous (and I might add delightful and fresh) mailings. To me it appeard that Cheryl possesses a great deal of practical experience and has been a strong leader for many years. I do not see this kind of champion leadership, and genuine compassion and honesty in any of the other candidates.

    Cheryl seems very intelligent, sincere and honest, unlike Laurie Raines, Britt Slocum and Deb Shaughnessey. What planet do you live on Mr. Baker???! As I understand it, you are unemployed and struggle with many personal issues of which your irrational behavior demonstrates.

    Another fact is that 1+1/2 to 2 months before Laurie Raines filed for this office she was VERY VOCAL about her position, and I quote; "Cheryl Haddock is the most qualified candidate we have in this race." She's a hypocrite you know!! You left this part out Mark!

    Another blaring fact you failed to fairly report is the fact that Laurie's husband, the Sheriff, goes to the homes of people to put up Lauries signs and remove ones from other candidates.

    I lump Laurie Raines in with Deb Shaughnessey in that the are vicious and spiteful human beings who crave power. This point is clear. We do NOT need this Mr. Baker!!

    You also left out the fact that Mrs. Raines doesn"t have a lot of friends due to her continual fighting, i.e.. verbal attacks, nasty postings / attacks on Mrs. Haddock & Representative Jones since she filed for this office. True to form, she thinks EVERYONE is an enemy, treats people like dirt under her feet, etc......

    Mr. Baker, you are an abomination to politics. Laurie Raines are a disgrace to Constitutional Conservatives. Do you have any idea what you are talking about?? I seriously doubt it. Lest we forget Mr. Raines is going up to doors taking down Cheryl ad Rick signs. Wasn't Laurie arrested and investigated for this a few years ago ???????

    Mr. Baker, I am convinced that you have NO IDEA and DON NOT KNOW anything about the other candidates. This was evidenced by your NON-OBJECTIVE radical ranting on the internet!

    You lost several followers and, you and Laurie, LOST OUR VOTES!!!! I feel that you 2 have lost it and are consumed with power. This is not at all what Michigan needs Mr. Baker.

    Two last issues to address with you are; the Sheriff is violatiing laws as he appears in many, many photos in uniform showing the badge. He also calls up people during the work day as well as going to their doors with Mrs. Raines intimidating people to put up his wife's signs> Now this may well be a violation of the Hatch Act but you fail to mention this.

    Cheryl Haddock is, without question, the best candidate and we're convinced will do an amazing job in Lansing!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember that the way you 2 treat others is the way you will be treated my friend! Michigan is sick and tired of Laurie and Deb, as well as Britt!

    Mr. Baker, I hope you seek out counseling for your radical behavior and perhaps medication to treat your behavior!

    Please run a clean campaign as you and Laurie pledged to do, stop actiong like a small child throwing a tantrum and treat others as you wish to be treated. The people of Eaton COunty deserve this and the only candidate running a clean campaign is Mrs. Haddock!

  3. Mr. Baker - you clearly aren't a lawyer or have any understanding of the law.
    (neither does the brainiac who sent you the secret letter in the mail).

    Cheryl Haddock is within the law....and from what I can see, is the ONLY CANDIDATE running a clean and positive campaign.

  4. This is ridiculous! “We, the People” are watching as some of you go into “meltdown….” What are you thinking?!

    You people here need to STOP dragging others into your "baseless rants." This is exactly the kind of thing that “We, the People” are tired of.

    You signed a clean campaign pledge, but some of you have failed to live up to that by raising FALSE allegations about me and others like you’ve posted here! Perhaps you’re afraid I’ll win and apparently don’t want someone with courage or integrity to stand up to the “Lansing politicians & special interests” as I WILL DO! I’m not afraid to stand strong on doing the right thing to protect our citizen’s rights and uphold the Constitution!

    I refuse to play the “go along to get along game” that some in Lansing seem to thrive on. I’ve ALWAYS been there to serve the people…something that some in Lansing have lost sight of.

    Sad you think you can make false accusations and that people would be ignorant enough to believe you. I, Laurie Raines, have NEVER been arrested for anything. Do you think that signing on as “Anonymous” gives you license to lie like that? Although, I was "WARNED" people like you would get dirty if I got into this race. You, "Anonymous" and your friends here are maliciously spreading false rumors to attack good people as you support someone you "claim" is "nice" and that’s pretty pathetic. “Nice” people don’t allow others to do things like that.

    I'm so tired of hearing this kind of nonsense so you can mislead others for your own personal, political gain. Don’t you realize that this is exactly the kind of thing that “We, the People” are sick of? (Please, just knock it off!) You attack all other candidates (Deb, Britt and me), except Cheryl and it’s obvious where this is coming from.

    Eaton County citizens deserve much better than the false information you people have typed here.

    Rather than trying to tear down other candidates with false accusations and innuendos to build your candidate “up”, why don’t you try to compare the actual education, qualifications and experience of all the candidates? Why not give substantive information to help our citizens vote for the best, most qualified candidate to continue to represent them, in the best interest of the citizens we serve? (Now, there’s a “novel” idea!)

    The Sheriff, his deputies and I have done no wrong, despite false allegations from a politician. In fact, I believe we have the FINEST SHERIFF'S OFFICE & DEPUTIES IN THE STATE! Shame on all of you for such inappropriate misconduct! One of the most important things our next law maker MUST do is to work with our Sheriffs and law enforcement officials, NOT attack them! Please, STOP your irresponsible attacks and rants. Stay focused on the issues that really matter to the citizens of Eaton County. “We, the People” would sincerely appreciate it.

    Laurie Raines
    (Candidate for State Rep., P.O. Box 542, Grand Ledge, MI 48837)

  5. How can anyone say Cheryl Krapf-Haddock's mailings are "delightful and fresh" what a JOKE. They have NO content whatsoever. They have not told us a thing about her politics or what she stands for, their content is nothing more then mere hype and fluff. I see no experience or education on her behalf that would help out the citizens of Eaton County or represent us in any way. At least Laurie Raines (and I do believe this is the correct spelling of her name, genius) has the education and expierence needed to fulfill the position. Not to mention the fact she is assertive and unwavering. If you knew the whole Laurie Raines life story, you would know that gal has been to hell and back and is still a fighter. When she says she will fight for us in the House she means it.

  6. Wow Mark, It looks like you hit a soft spot with someone. No author name so makes you wonder if it could be a politician with thin skin, or maybe one thats mad they were caught???

    Mike P

  7. I can't stop laughing after reading the rant from Laurie Raines....blahahahaha.

    Wow, she really is unstable. Not suited for public office that's for sure.

    I'll be voting for Deb!

  8. Statistically the election was over when all of the absentee votes were mailed in. It's all over but the crying by the losers August 3.

    But I agree with the comment about you Mark. If you write this stuff without any legal basis then you could face a lawsuit for slander. Any third rate attorney could have told you that the Hatch Act was not violated.

  9. Laurie Raines's comments are honest and truthful asking people to address the issues and qualifications of candidates that really matter to voters.
    The false allegations posted here attacking Laurie are really a cheap shot. Obviously those of you doing that don't want to focus on what really matters. (Looks like she did hit a raw nerve with those trying to sling mud at her.)
    Interesting how some are grabbing at straws here to ignore what's really been asked... Simple questions, nothing more. Or, are the people not allowed to ask questions any longer when it comes to politicians?
    Mr. Baker does not claim anything, but asks for this to be looked into and if there are any violations on this issue, looks to me like he's just asking they be made right.

  10. Maybe that same "third rate attorney" could advise "anonymous" that their rants and lies about Ms. Raines are not legal. I'd think Ms. Haddock wouldn't want to be associated with someone who does that, but she appears to be sitting idly by while others rant on her behalf....

  11. Face it people, Cheryl Haddock has NO EXPERIENCE! And personally I don't want to wait 2 years for her to get her "feet wet". She's wet behind the ears and needs to learn a little about the profession before she tries to get a job in it, especially when it's at the taxpayers expense. And ask your "third rate attorney" if it's alright for you to act as judge and jury and convict Laurie Raines of busting this whole hot mess of the "Hatch Act" wide open. Talk about having "no understanding of the law", you can take your bla, bla, bla put it in your crack pipe and smoke it, because it sounds like you must be on something.

  12. I agree she has NO EXPIRENCE!! I don't even know if she has any education that applies either. Just the canidate I don't want.

  13. Charlotte ResidentJuly 23, 2010 at 8:32 AM

    Who said they're voting for Deb? You must not live in Charlotte that's all I've got to say. Her bright idea of the airport expansion was a diaster!! She threatened to seize farmers property using "eminent domaine", and you notice she is no longer the Mayor here. The City Manager was run out of town too. When I hear Deb's name the only word that comes to mind is "underhanded" well not the ONLY word, I guess you could add "leprechaun" to the list.

  14. Cheryl Haddock and Britt Slocum seem like the only ones in this race with an ounce of credibility. I've known Cheryl to be nothing but honest. Britt is a hard worker.

    I've had a few run ins with Laurie Raines and buy does she just scares me. Totally unfit for public office in my opinion.

    As for Deb Shaunassey, I think she would build a trailer park on the front lawn of the Capitol building if she won.

  15. "Why else would this man turn his back on a women who had dedicated many years of her professional life to him, both when he was with the Eaton County Sheriff's Department, as well as the last few years as his Constituent Services Aide?"

    So, Laurie should be "nominated" (rather than earning the position) simply because of longevity within the Party? That same attitude gave us Bob Dole and John McCain. No thanks.

    I think it speaks VOLUMES when Rep. Jones doesn't endorse his consituent services aide - an employee. It means he thinks she simply CAN'T WIN IN NOVEMBER.

  16. "I'd think Ms. Haddock wouldn't want to be associated with someone who does that, but she appears to be sitting idly by while others rant on her behalf..."

    Maybe it's just that she doesn't give a damn about this third-rate blog.

  17. If you think it's such a 3rd rate blog then get off of it moron.

    Rick Jones said he had already promised Cheryl his endorsement before Laurie decided to run. Besides Rick Jones is no bowl of cherries himself in case you hadn't noticed. I'm sure Cheryl is a very nice person. What concerns me is being the Excutive Director of a non-profit is no prelude to the House of Representives. She is used to taking orders from a Board of Directors and I think that is exactly why Rick wants her in the seat. He wants nothing more than a "puppet" and he knows he would NEVER be able to tell Laurie what to do.

    As for the comment that Cheryl is just sitting idly by, EXACTLY, I mean what a go-getter talk about lack of assertiveness! No-Thanks.

  18. Laurie Raines is trying to live off Jones' name. She is a strange wife of a sheriff who dreams of power. Deb Shaughnessy is trying to live off of Susan Tabor's name as past legislative aide. She also claims being a small town mayor is a big deal. She tried to use eminent domain to take beautiful farm land for an airport move that was not needed.

    Even the sandwich maker Britt Slocum would be better than both of these losers.

  19. Charlotte ResidentJuly 23, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    What has Laurie done to "live off of Jones' name? His name is the ONLY thing Cheryl has going for her, and even so I don't think it will be enough. I agree with you on Deb, you don't threaten to take people's livelyhood away from them then turn around and expect them to vote for you. I hope every farmer in Eaton County votes against Deb.

  20. I agree with you on the Deb Shaugnessy Emminent Domain issue. She's bad news and all farmers need to vote NO on Deb! And i agree with the comment posted above about her building a trailer park on the front lawn of the Capitol. Ha! So fitting.

  21. Laurie Raines is UNSTABLE and most people I know that she has worked with think she is an utter JOKE.

  22. Sue Fields-AndersonJuly 24, 2010 at 5:12 AM

    MOST people, that's a pretty broad statement. I've known her for years and I don't think that at all. I guess it's pretty easy to print any propaganda you want when you remain anonymous. You probably work for another canidates campaign anyway

  23. Richard Harvey - CharlotteJuly 24, 2010 at 5:53 AM

    All you folks should come to the Charlotte City Hall on Tues. July 27 at 7pm and ask the candidates these questions personally. Or maybe you're all going to be there anyway.

  24. I am not a political person..nor affliated with any party.. I am just you average God fearing tax-paying american... But this here is precisely the reason why most of the people i have spoken with don't even wish to vote. I have lost my faith in politics and "OUR" government due to the petty mud-slinging antics that most candidates seem to prefer.. "TO protect thier good name and reputation" BAH!!!!! I think that the majority have thier own "special interests" involved. This is worse than High School drama... and these are the people we want running our country?.. A little advice from some poor unknown voter.... Dump the drama and act like responsible ADULTS... instead of some teenagers trying to gain status... We are not supposed to mix religion and politics...but Wasn't there a perfect MAN that said "Turn the other cheek".... If you Know you are running it right... then Why should it bother you if someone tries to smear your "Good Name".... The truth will come out in the end. Keep it honest, Keep it leagal... and for the love of God.... dump the drama.... Whatever happened to good sportsmanship?

  25. Bla, Bla, Bla...

  26. With all the trickery, lies and deceit coming from our politicians today, that is all the more reason to pay and attention and VOTE. The collective group of Pols in DC today are nothing more than a bunch of power grabbing crooks. It's almost as if all the prisoners at San Quentin were let out of jail to run the country. All the more reason to get out and vote. It is our strongest and only weapon to clean up the mess these "less than mediocre political criminals" have gotten us into.

  27. Charlotte ResidentJuly 25, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    I recieved an interesting "robo call" today, one can only wonder where that came from??

  28. Replying to Joan...she makes no sense.
    "In doing some basic checking I found out that the Eaton Child Abuse Council is not part of any government and is not funded by federal funds as such either. FYI……”The Hatch Act applies to employees of private non-profit organizations only if the statute through which the organization derives its federal funding contains a provision, which states that recipient organizations shall be deemed to be state or local government agencies for purposes of the Hatch Act.”"

    then she argues for haddock with this:

    "Furthermore: If you are a government employee, you can participate in electoral politics. You can legally involve yourself in many, or all, types of electoral politics depending on the government agency for which you work."

    first you say she is not part of the government and then you go and argue that she can run because she is part of the government. what am i missing here?

  29. Richard Harvey you are correct. Some people like to run and hid when the tough gets going...others step up and make a difference.

  30. Some of you people are clearly out of bounds. How dare you include Britt Slocum in some of these quotes:
    "Cheryl seems very intelligent, sincere and honest, unlike Laurie Raines, Britt Slocum and Deb Shaughnessey."
    "...and from what I can see, is the ONLY CANDIDATE (haddock)running a clean and positive campaign."
    and he is "only" a sandwich maker.

    It is very obvious the ones who posted these things are ignorant and lazy. If you would have taken the time to meet him (you clearly never have) you would see how great of a person he is, that hes a hard worker, intelligent, has great ideas, and would represent the people well. I am not saying I am voting for him, but do your homework first people! "your" candidate is not the only good one out there! For once we have a small business owner who has been through the struggles with us all that is running to represent us!

  31. I was at a meet and greet last night in Charlotte and all the candidates did a nice job with their 5 minute speeches. Two were long winded and got cut off and another was short. 5 minutes is not enough time to get into specifics of their plan for MI. A couple of the candidates began leading into the idea of how they would increase gov't intervention into our lives and that turns me off immediately.

    I researched the Hatch Act a bit and found that there was an amendment passed in 1994 that extended this act to "State and Local governments". And it also said that the employee in question had only to receive some of their funding from the Federal gov't. On the website for the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Eaton County, their financial report lists nearly $12,000 of income from grants in the year 2006. What are the specifics of the grants? These would be the items in question. Regardless of what the candidate or Rick Jones says, this decision should be made by an election board or a Judge.

    If Haddock is elected and found to be in violation, a 2nd election would be necessary. This would cause the taxpayers undue expenditures of time and money. Maybe she should drop out now.

  32. rich who were the ones that were long winded, came up short, and talked about increasing gov?

  33. OK. Cheryl Haddock went way over the 5 minutes and so did Fred Fry. They had their time called. Mark Eagle was quite short on his 5 minutes. Justin Heany and Fred Fry both stated how "Gov't needed to do this and gov't needed to do that" which really turned me off. Heany's opening started out really well until he got to the gov't expansion part. This is my opinion and I did not have a stop watch on them, just my recollection.

  34. No violation of the Hatch Act. I confirmed this with 5 different lawyers (including the county prosecutor). This false story is only leaked for political gain. It also was leaked to the mainstream media and they did not cover it because they also checked it out and found it to be false.

    It will all be over Tuesday night and then hopefully we can get back to fighting the Democrats who stated at the Charlotte meeting they intend to raise taxes and increase government.