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Michigan's 71st District House Race: A Study in How Games Are Played & What We Must STOP.

by Mark Baker

This post shall serve as the final summation for the series I've ran on the Republican Candidates for Michigan's 71st State House Seat being vacated by Battle Creek native Rick Jones, who's leaving same due to term-limits. For those of you who have been following this series, I will reiterate for those who are just now reading the series, that I offered three of the four Republican Candidates the opportunity to share their thoughts on why they chose to enter this race and where they're coming from on the issues and what they hope to accomplish if elected to the seat.

As I mention in the lead-in for each candidates article, I did NOT offer Deb Shaugnessy an opportunity to post an article due to the fact that based upon her demonstrated history of words, behavior and actions, as legislative aide, and Charlotte Mayor, clearly establishes her as the quintessential archetype of what we DON'T NEED as a paid Representative. That said, I will now offer my thoughts and observations (for what they're worth) this race, and how it serves as a microcosm of what's wrong with the system and the games that are played behind closed doors by those in power to hold that power at all costs. I will also offer a case study in how some who enter political office often morph into someone far different than we thought they were after years in office. This metamorphosis is by no means universal, but is exceedingly common to those who lack integrity and a basic ethical foundation.

The four 71st House Seat Candidates again are: Cheryl Haddock, Laurie Raines, Deb Shaugnessy, and Britt Slocum. You can find articles from Raines, Slocum and Haddock below this one in the Blog-Scroll.

The ascension of Barrack Obama to POTUS, and his subsequent unprecedented assault on our Constitution, insane spending leading to an exponential expansion of America's deficit through another round of unbridled Keynesian 'Stimulus' economics, has caused Americans to awaken and rise-up like no other time in the last 150 years. Social Media tools have allowed us to 'find' each other and realize that we were never alone, and that 'We the People' indeed remain the vast majority of America. In short, we are Awake, Aware and Activated to halt the decline-of and assault-upon our Constitutional Republic.

The entrenched power elite, ignored us at first, then as our numbers grew, they still dismissed us yet another passing anomaly that they said would "burn-out." Then as our traction grew and our efforts exposed democrat socialists and RINO's in the GOP who began to either lose races they had become comfortable to winning, or deciding perhaps it was time to 'retire' than face the ugly music that awaited them around the corner, we are seeing that they are now taking one of two general courses to counter us: pathetically attack us as "racists" (which they're making fools of themselves with as 'We the People' are made-up of all races, colors and creeds, or attempt to co-opt us with faux outreach attempts that aren't effective in fooling hardly any of us. Try as they will to paint us at best as a 'passing fad' or at worst, 'dangerous armed racists,' they are beginning to sweat as we continue to grow in size and effectiveness at exposing them and their games. This is not just taking place here in our Michigan, but all across these United States and it will continue for the rest of our lives and be carried-on by our children, who will not surrender their Constitutional Citizenship for Socialist Serfdom.

MIRS (Michigan Information & Research Service) released the following article this week:

'Top Ten Open Primaries to Watch (except from

3. 71st House District, Republican - Only a couple weeks after all four candidates signed a "clean campaign" pledge, an e-mail popped up that linked two of the candidates to a pair of bankruptcies and all of the candidates are complaining about disappearing signs. Former Rep. Rick JONES staffer Laurie Raines (the wife of the local sheriff) is in the race, but Jones isn't supporting her or the "establishment" Republican candidate and outgoing Charlotte Mayor Deb SHAUGNASSEY, who staffed former Rep. Susan TABOR when she was in the House. Jones likes Cheryl Krapf HADDOCK, the executive director of the Child Abuse Prevention Council, but some observers see Britt SLOCUM, a local school board member and owner of three Jersey Giant restaurants as the strongest Republican. The winner will face a comparatively competitive general.'

Interesting that the Michigan Information & Research Service (MIRS) IS part of the Michigan (Lansing Insider) GOP Establishment and they're admitting herein that they view Deb Shaugnessy as their "Establishment" Republican candidate? Hmmm? That helps make my work of pealing-back the layers of this onion to expose the stink a few layers below easier because by that they're admitting that they are RINO's (Republican In Name Only) also because this this the same gal who as Charlotte Mayor, tried to use 'Eminent Domain' to snatch-away Family Farms in order to expand the Charlotte Airport which there was/is no need for. She also spent over $90k for the 'Study' on same, but when pressed about this wasteful spending, tried to squirrel-out by saying that it was Federal Money (Ah hum, WHERE Ms. Shaugnessy do you think the Fed gets their money?); with a thought process like that, she displays that she's neither the brightest bulb in the package, nor in anyway, a 'Fiscal Conservative.'

Then, Shaugnessy somehow receives the Farm Bureau 'Agri-PAC' endorsement over Raines, Slocum, and Rick Jones 'Pet Project,' Cheryl Haddock (I only state this because I, like thousands of other 71st District Constituents, have noticed that Rick is hermetically attached to everything Cheryl does or mails out? Could it be that Rick is extending his support to Cheryl not because she's the most qualified (which she CLEARLY IS NOT) as he's been stating in private for months (even though he'd stated he would not endorse any of the 71st candidates before the primary), yet most of her mailers make the two of them appear as conjoined twins who were recently cut apart yet suffer separation anxiety, but political hacks and RINO's, like the democrats they pride themselves for "reaching across the isle to WORK WITH," have no problem doing what they said they wouldn't and now Jones has... Brace Yourself- publicly endorsed Cheryl Haddock; what a surprise that one was huh. Of course in doing this Jones broke his earlier-made statement that he'd "make no endorsements before the Primary", but again people without integrity don't lose much sleep over such things unless it causes them bad-press.

Now, how do you suppose it could be that of the four GOP candidates for the 71st Seat, the only one who based on well-established facts and history, SHOULDN'T have in anyway been seriously considered for the Farm Bureau 'Agri-PAC' endorsement, end up getting it? It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that Mr. Fred Marquardt sits on the Eaton County Farm Bureau Board, as well as the 'Agri-PAC' review committee (the plot thickens) or that Mr. Marquardt is the father of Linda Marquardt (it's getting deep, where's my waders?), who until she was supposedly fired (according to the Shaugnessy Camp) after she let her temper get the best of her and public ally referred to Rick Jones as a "Media Whore" served as Deb Shaugnessy's Campaign Manager (and although the Shaugnessy Camp is telling those who ask that 'that Person is No Longer Associated in anyway with Ded's campaign', Linda's been seen unlocking the doors to Shaugnessy's Campaign HQ? Oh the games, they know no limit). When I researched this most strange and odious endorsement at Farm Bureau's HQ level, everyone I spoke with pointed me in the direction of the LOCAL Eaton County Branch which "handles" the candidate interview process independently and then sends their decision to Farm Bureau HQ in Lansing for publication. So, to all you great Eaton County and especially, Charlotte-Area Farmers, and tax-paying residents, who like me wondered how in the hell Deb Shaugnessy could possibly have gotten the Farm Bureau Agri-PAC Endorsement, perhaps this was how! Games being played behind closed doors.

By the way, notice if you will, the ONLY candidate whose last name wasn't capitalized in the MIRS Report... Yes, Laurie Raines (RAINES), the wife of Eaton County Sheriff Mike Raines, who is a bold Constitutionalist Conservative Sheriff in the mold of Arizona's Joe Arpaio. Of the four candidates, my objective opinion is that only Laurie Raines and Britt Slocum are sincere, quality candidates who should be considered by any true Constitutional Conservative demanding an honest, fiscally responsible Representative, who I feel will serve with honor and integrity.

While I have publicly endorsed both Britt and Laurie and sincerely like both as individuals, my vote will go to Laurie Raines as I feel she represents the very best total package as a Representative in that her fifteen plus years of experience with the Eaton County Sheriff's Office, Department of Homeland Security/Michigan State Police, and last few years as Rick Jones' Constituent Services Aide, make her the best choice to serve the people of the 71st House District.

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  1. Mark i agree with what you and Lori Raines have to say. Personally she has been in Lansing the past few years and could hit the floor running, the others dont have that experience or maybe even the morals that she has, Lori is by far the strongest cand. that can get the job done for the people of our district!! As far as Rick Jones, he has traded in his morals for money for his campaign, it cheapens him! I will vote for Randy Graham for the senate!! Plus I believe he is a member of the good ole boys club now, thats not what we need!!