Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Michigan's 71st District Representative Seat: Second of Three Candidate Comparison Series

Note: This is the second of three consecutive Blog Posts looking at three of the four registered Republican candidates for Michigan's 71st District State House Seat. I'm covering this seat specifically because it's the seat of 'my' representative and therefor it matters more to me than others. I will NOT be posting any stories on any of the Democrat candidates due to the fact that I do not like or trust Democrats and 'Rule #1- This is MY BLOG, LOL! Additionally, even though there are actually four registered Republicans running for the 71st Seat I have only invited three of them: Cheryl Haddock, Britt Slocum, and Laurie Raines to offer features on their candidacies. The honest reason for this is that I don't particularly respect or trust the fourth candidate, Deb Shaughnessy. Actions, statements and behavior by her, when she served as Mayor of Charlotte DO NOT, in my opinion lend themselves to the type of person worthy of elected office. If you're offended by my non-inclusion of Deb Shaughnessy, I'll offer my apology and refer back to Rule#1.

My desire in this exercise is to allow my readers a forum to objectively review and compare the backgrounds, beliefs and goals of sincere candidates for an important representative seat. I hope you find these three consecutive articles helpful in making your decision.


Why I am the right guy for the job.
by Brit Slocum

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my candidacy for the Michigan House of Representatives – 71st District. This is a critical race, not only for the residents of Eaton County, but for the entire state of Michigan as we seek to get Michigan back to work.

Here are just a few reasons to vote for me:

1. I'm honest; I believe that you should always be honest to those you love, work for and trust. I’ve found that my honesty has come back to pay me off in spades many times over.

2. I'm fair-minded, I may wear different stripes politically, religiously, and ethnically than others but I always keep an open and fair mind. It’s the human condition to prejudge people, procedure and situations. I avoid that at all costs.

3. I'm caring and respectful of others as well as myself. I’ve always known that nobody is perfect, not even myself! I always put myself in other people’s shoes before coming to judgment. It has served me well, and you will not hear me say disparaging things about anybody at anytime regarding this campaign. I’ll only speak the truth.

4. I'm responsible for my own actions and circumstance! No one wants to hear me, you or anybody else whine about how bad it is, how tough it is, or poor pitiful me! Believe me, the choices we have made individually for ourselves or collectively as we elected officials that just aren't working out is our own darn fault! I'm not a victim and you shouldn't be either, I'm an agent of real change, the kind a conservative can be proud of, and today especially, you need me as that agent.

Between now and the August 3rd Primary Election, I will be traveling the district, going door-to-door, attending community forums and meeting with voters individually to share my story as a “Michigan Survivor and Job Provider” – in fact, I'm the only candidate in the Primary who can make that claim. At a time when Michigan desperately needs an economic transformation, you the voting public should be looking to the front lines of this economy to help solve these challenges.

As the owner/operator of Jersey Giant Subs!, I know all to well the challenge of meeting a payroll and keeping my doors open for my forty employees, and the families that depend on them. I know first-hand the obstacles of doing business here in Michigan and the steps we must take to restore our state’s entrepreneurial spirit – and it starts with smaller government, lower taxes, and less government regulation.

Twenty-five years ago, my wife Anne and I chose to raise our family here in Eaton County. We made that decision, because we believed strongly in all that Mid-Michigan had to offer young families – great schools, safe neighborhoods, and endless opportunities for success. And since that time, I've been proud to give back to my community at every opportunity, and as a candidate for State Representative, my goal is to ensure that remains true for future generations.

Having been elected three times to the Waverly Community Schools Board of Education, I believe strongly in the role Michigan’s education system must play in shaping not only our children’s future, but also aiding in Michigan’s economic recovery. On the school board, I've served as Secretary and Treasurer and, for 5 of the last 6 years as chair of the Finance Committee, overseeing the schools budget.

I've also volunteered my time to the Waverly Education Foundation, the Cub and Boy Scouts of America, Food Movers/Greater Lansing Food Bank, the St. Vincent Home for Children, and Rotary International. I am an active member and advocate for the Eaton County Republican Party, the National Rifle Association, and the Right to Life of Michigan.

I invite you to take a look at my qualifications, vision, and values. As the campaign progresses, I look forward to seeing you on the trail! Please do not hesitate to contact me with your comments, questions, concerns, and feedback. You may contact me via my web site at www.voteslocum.com or email at contact@voteslocum.com


Thank you for your support this August 3rd,


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