Monday, May 17, 2010

Ok Mr. Politician, do we have your attention now? Can you Spell CONSTITUTION!

by Mark Baker

It's apparently indeed getting quite hot under the collar for RINO's within the GOP as these pesky damn Conservatives within the party just won't shut-up about that whole 'Constitution-thing!' I experienced an example of this phenomenon the other day after posting on FaceBook a link to an article from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer regarding her joining forces with Sarah Palin to fight for stronger boarder enforcement. While I really appreciate and respect Arizona Governor Brewer, I was a little concerned that she'd feel she needed Sarah Palin's help to do the right thing.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for defending our boarders against criminal trespassers, but I'm justifiably concerned with Palin's involvement given her numerous 'Moderate' endorsements of late (read LIBERAL). Now that the Democrats have finally boldly come out of the closet as the loud, proud, socialists we always suspected they were, the battle focus has shifted to the GOP where many other socialists have for years, also hidden under sub-titles such as 'Moderates' and 'Progressives.'

We Republicans need to get beyond the symantics of word-games and determine what the party actually stands for. For example, what's actually meant by the word 'Moderate?' Do you see John McCain as a moderate? Did you view Arlen Specter as a 'Moderate?' Or, how about the word 'Progressive;' there's the latest one that Democrats have kidnapped to mask the term 'Liberal,' which use to exist to mask the word 'Socialist.' Again, I've heard some fellow Republicans refer to themselves as Moderates, or 'Progressives.' If we are to categorize our party by a word or two, rather than 'Moderate,' or 'Progressive,' why don't we use words like 'Conservative' or 'Constitutionalist' which have always supposedly been at the core of what we are.

I've been (by that I mean voted, volunteered-for, ran campaigns-of, and donated-to) Republican since I was old enough to first vote for Reagan. If we dismiss word symantics and look at it logically, we'd realize that since 1980, while America's had three Republican Presidents: Reagan, Bush the elder, and Bush the son; in truth we've only had ONE Conservative President, Ronald Reagan @ 8 years, and FOUR 'Progressive' (read Socialist) Presidents @ 21 years and counting. Now don't misunderstand me, I voted for Reagan twice (and was very happy), voted for George HW Bush twice (and was EXTREMELY UNHAPPY with him), George 'W' Bush twice (and was quite unhappy with him), and last election, I like millions just like me, took a deep breath, pinched my nose and voted for John Sydney McCain only because the 'National Party' system 'Dole'd' us again AND the fact that pretty Mrs. Palin was on the ticket with him and we thought maybe there'd be a chance the old nasty RINO bastard might die in office.

So the Dems are able to win with a Card Carrying Allinskite Socialist whose got less elected experience than the average Dog-Catcher, who proceeds to spend money we don't have -at a rate that would make a teenage girl in the mall with daddy's credit card blush, while at the same time borrows unprecedented amounts of money we can't pay back from a long-standing strategic enemy. Oh wait, while using our Constitution as toilet paper for good measure!

So, in response to those socialists hiding within the GOP under various stylish names, who constantly question whether if we should " make room for more moderates' in the GOP?" My short answer would be NO! Not at the national, state, county, or 'Dog-Catcher' level. If the GOP wants to be a "Big Tent Party" no problem, all they need to do is dedicate themselves to our CONSTITUTION and Conservative Principles (Fiscal & Social) it espouses. Do that and they won't be able to find a tent big enough to hold all of us. However, if they can't get down with such 'Radical Themes' of radical thinkers like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hancock, and yes, Reagan. Then they should just put on some 'Big Boy Pants' and admit it. We can then move forward with honest divorce proceedings whereby depending on which party 'keeps the house,' they can either go join the democrat-socialists they've been shacking-up with behind our backs for years, or wise-up and read and start abiding-by the Constitution. OR... they can continue to try to with their exposed 'Moderate/SOCIALIST/Progressive' ways and see how that works out for them...

NOTES: While Specter and McCain are classic examples of RINO's at the national level, there are hundreds more at the combined national, state, county and local, municiple levels as well. And it's vital to realize that not all are necessarally socialists at heart, they ALL are disengenuous deal-makers who will either partake in corruption or willingly 'look the other way' for 'favors,' or to 'go-along to get-along.' For the first time since our Founding Fathers stood-up to tyranny and establihed our Constitutional Republic, 'We the People' are beating back modern tyrants by exposing lies and liers. Press On...

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